Enough is Enough

We are in the second fifth of the 21st century yet many places are still educating as if we are in the 19th and 20th centuries. Why do the youth of today experience the same stress and ‘rat race’ we as parents once went through knowing that their future is extremely different with many moreContinue reading “Enough is Enough”

Time for a Change in Grading Practices

Thank you Youki Terada for your recent article in Edutopia sharing the history and why we need to move beyond the 100% grading scale in our teaching practices, especially those in the US. Grading and evaluation varies in different countries and not everywhere do teachers have the autonomy to adopt their own marking system. InContinue reading “Time for a Change in Grading Practices”

Happiness in Education

An old friend of mine, 40 years ago to be exact, recently wrote me on LinkedIn: I want to thank you for the many positive messages you send on LinkedIn to educators with whom you have worked or otherwise encountered. How do you do it? You’ve been an educator for nearly 30 years now, andContinue reading “Happiness in Education”

Feeling Fulfilled

#teacherleaders, #schooltransformation, #teaching, #leading The last week of school and all is a juggle between students finishing projects, doing their exams and prepping for graduation; teachers, students and admin are in a crazed, highly amped headspace. Meanwhile I had the pleasure of meeting virtually a teacher team in Abuja, Nigeria who are embarking on aContinue reading “Feeling Fulfilled”

Summer Time… Rest and Reflect

Many educators finishing their term are probably hugely relieved to be entering summer. As has been described in the past this last academic year 2021-22 challenged schools, teachers, educational support staff in ways that were never expected- everyone had to become health care monitors, mental health supporters, safety/security personnel, assessors, remedial instructors, … Hats offContinue reading “Summer Time… Rest and Reflect”