Enough is Enough

We are in the second fifth of the 21st century yet many places are still educating as if we are in the 19th and 20th centuries. Why do the youth of today experience the same stress and ‘rat race’ we as parents once went through knowing that their future is extremely different with many moreContinue reading “Enough is Enough”

Time for a Change in Grading Practices

Thank you Youki Terada for your recent article in Edutopia sharing the history and why we need to move beyond the 100% grading scale in our teaching practices, especially those in the US. Grading and evaluation varies in different countries and not everywhere do teachers have the autonomy to adopt their own marking system. InContinue reading “Time for a Change in Grading Practices”

Self Directed Learning and Taking Risks

The balance between having a school day, after school period and holiday time being fully planned for learners and our own children can at times interfere with their own development in building agency, creativity and taking risks. I came across this article that described the importance of kids having time of their own to getContinue reading “Self Directed Learning and Taking Risks”

Making headspace through the fog…

It is a bit like a rainbow when you achieve headspace. It feels especially nowadays that folks are stuck in their own worlds doing daily tasks and hardly looking up, reaching out or considering alternatives…. Recently in my work with team of teachers from a school that embraces innovative practices and a willingness to tryContinue reading “Making headspace through the fog…”

Transforming a school one step at a time….

Blog 3 CTL Academy For the last year and a half I have been in conversation with Dr. Agodi Alagbe about her school in Abuja, Nigeria.  She shared that her school serves pre-school- 12th grade and has about 100 students total.  Her ultimate goals are to prepare her students to be ready for university anyContinue reading “Transforming a school one step at a time….”

Fitness Different Than PE

One of the things I appreciate about @CTL Academy under the direction of Dr. @agodialagbe is their bell schedule and the inclusion of both physical education and fitness. The distinction between the two is that physical education is taught by an experienced PE teacher and fitness is included as part of the whole school practice.Continue reading “Fitness Different Than PE”

Feeling Fulfilled

#teacherleaders, #schooltransformation, #teaching, #leading The last week of school and all is a juggle between students finishing projects, doing their exams and prepping for graduation; teachers, students and admin are in a crazed, highly amped headspace. Meanwhile I had the pleasure of meeting virtually a teacher team in Abuja, Nigeria who are embarking on aContinue reading “Feeling Fulfilled”