CTL Academy Global: Short Courses

Learning on Own Terms!

For ages 12-18; Available beginning March 2023

Special Introductory Rates…

At CTL Academy we recognize that learners have their own rhythm and pace. We also know that having a community to connect with weekly and discuss learning enriches the experience, deepens the curiosity and through peers keeps a positive energy to sustain.

To help launch CTL Academy Global we will offer a series of short courses that will expand a learner’s skillset and in combination can be used toward earning high school credits for graduation. CTL Academy offers a US accredited, project based high school diploma to its achieving learners.

Below is what we have on offer. Each course will meet weekly online and have follow up tasks to engage with between sessions. If you need something different or wish to learn more about the full academic program please do reach out through our contact form.

EnglishHow to Win and Write an Argument Successfully: Students will learn how to construct evidence based arguments that can be used in almost any written task situation.12+6 weeks$200.5 English credits* with Project course
EnglishHigh School Book Club: We will read one fiction and one non-fiction book together.  Students will co-facilitate discussions and at the end of the course produce a few pieces of evidence of their learning to include: a published book review, an advert for one of the titles, an illustrated info-graphic or graphic novel version of the book, and a persuasive writing piece in relation to one of the books topics.14+8 weeks$250.5 English credits*
EnglishGet Lit Poetry Jam: Using poetry as one’s medium, students will analyze, critique and learn about significant poetry examples in history and then develop their own. This course will include a live online presentation of their piece.12+8 weeks$250.5 English credits* for high schoolers
Project Based#1: Hope: 2023 is proving to be a challenging year but one with lots of Hope.  Learners will take on a project that uncovers the science behind having Hope and will develop their own innovation for promoting Hope in their community.  We will use Design Thinking, AI, and practice research skills. This project will culminate in a live, online presentation.12+8 weeks$250.5 English credits* when taken in conjunction with English offer
Executive Superpower SkillsBuilding Personal Legacies: Does your child struggle with deadlines, prioritization, different learning modalities and overall confidence as a student?  This course is designed to boost learners’ skills in learning and develop strategies to effectively work with others. Cohorts will have an opportunity to continue weekly after initial start.12+8 weeks$200none
Future-ProofingThinking About Your Future
Navigating the world post secondary can be tricky especially now when there are many different career paths. This course will help you learn ways to navigate and consider your future options that are best for YOU.
12+6 weeks$200
Future-ProofingUniversity Preparation 101: This course will help learners understand the pathways to university, careers and beyond. Using a robust platform this course will help learners delve in to their interests more deeply and align them to specific career options and university programs around the globe. We will work together researching the different options and learning the application process along with providing feedback and support on the essays. 14+6 weeks (initially; can extend to a monthly subscription)$250none
MathFinancial Literacy- How to stay out of bad debt- coming soon.12+
*.5 credits are equivalent to 1 semester: CTL Academy students need 26 credits total to graduate. 4 credits in English.

Be Who You Want to Become- at CTL Academy we support ALL Learners and Look forward to being part of YOUR academic journey.

More information about our school can be found here.

Contact us with any questions or queries. Your child’s learning journey matters to us and we strive to make the experience joyful, engaging and purposeful.