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We Accelerate Learning Anywhere and Everywhere!

Dr, Agodi Alagbe, CTL Founder with her team!

Learning takes place anywhere and everywhere;

it has no borders.

What did we learn about educating our children post-Covid? Gone are the days of standardized schooling from 8-3 Monday thru Friday in classroom settings.

The pandemic turned educational systems upside down. As a result our educators are beginning to usher in a new and dynamic ‘school’ program that is more relevant, joyful, and curious. NOW available for students in the US and abroad at an affordable price.

CTL Academy Global is founded by educators with over 30 years of teaching experience in the US and Internationally. We have expertise in the different educational systems and have curated a learning program tapping into the best of each of these systems keeping the learners at the centre to prepare them for their future.

As a parent, what more can you ask for?

The Center for Teaching & Learning Academy (CTL) is excited to launch a new and game-changing Global Online Hybrid Program for students aged (12-18) in 2023. (Short courses available beginning March 2023. Click HERE to learn more!)

CTL’s program is expressly designed to extend its offer of an outstanding and unique educational program for students that is:

  • US Accredited through the Middle States Association
  • Project-based; AP College Board Courses Included
  • Aligned with UN Sustainable Development Goals
  • A virtual hybrid platform for secondary students using ChatGPT along with other AI learning tools; in person co-schooling i.e. co-working clubhouses to come.

We invite you to learn more about how your child will flourish and grow at the Center for Teaching and Learning Academy.

Program Offer

Year Round Personalized Learning

The CTL program will be available virtually year-round. Students will have access to a variety of materials and assignments that will engage learners and build their skills.

The learning program includes:

  • Weekly live and virtual sessions with content teachers
  • Weekly live learning coach sessions

Through ongoing feedback learners will excel on tasks and once mastered will be awarded the assigned credit and move on to the next level at their own pace.

The program will be available virtually year round. Credits assigned when course work is mastered.

Outstanding Faculty that Strives to Make the World a Better Place

Learners will be coached by caring professionals who consider the whole person and take a holistic approach to education. Bi-weekly coaching sessions will occur virtually and the results from coaching sessions will be shared with parents so that we can work together to support your children’s learning.

We have carefully curated an inclusive curriculum designed to engage learners, spark curiosity, and connect them to leading experts in their subjects of interest. Each student has access to the top educators in their field.

Life Long Transferable Learning

CTL believes in equipping your children with the skills to continue to learn for the rest of their lives!

Our goal is to inspire students to become ‘Passionate Scholars’ who will continue to develop their leadership skills and knowledge of the world from an interdisciplinary perspective.

Our thoughtfully crafted and bespoke curriculum is a project-based program that is US aligned and follows the UN Sustainable Development Goals for Learning.

  • Students in grades 10-12 can take Advanced Placement courses and be encouraged to work towards the AP Seminar Diploma (equal to the International Baccalaureate.)
  • The UN Sustainable Development Goals emphasizing a holistic approach to achieving sustainable development, global citizenry and collaborative spirit towards learning will be a recurring theme in our curriculum.

Education That Travels with You: Building Community- physically and virtually

The future goal of CTL is to establish local CTL Clubhouses where learners can go for a co-school experience together (i.e. co-work).  

The CTL Clubhouses will be located where we have a group of students of mixed ages and levels. This could be in Africa, Europe, the US, and anywhere else in the world where students are participating in the CTL Academy.

Like a co-working space, students will decide on their own when they want to come and go between the hours of 8am – 6pm. The CTL Clubhouse will be fully equipped with desks, internet, and communal spaces to connect and collaborate with other students. The CTL Clubhouse will also serve as a place where we can plan fun, educational, and inspiring community-based activities mixing sports, service, and the arts.

If you are a school or community organization interested in collaborating please CONTACT US. We love collaboration and believe it takes a village.

Inspired? Curious? Take Action and Reach out.

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What students say about CTL Academy…

About us

We are CTL Academy, a place of educational excellence.

Dr. Agodi Alagbe founded the school in 2012. Now we are ready to take our excellent practice to the globe. She and Dr. Mara Simmons, an international lead educator will co-lead and make CTL Academy Online Hybrid a viable option.

If you currently run a learning pod, micro-school, or some other hybrid and are looking to partner with an education provider please do reach out, a solution we can offer.