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Education is a very mucky space with lots of passion, personal experience, political will all wrapped up. The bottomline is as a society we have expected that kids from nearly birth through at least 14 receive some formal education where they learn to read, write, think critically and do math. How this happens varies greatly. This collection of writings helps to capture my personal insights and beliefs formed in my 30 years of experience as an educator and 12 years experience as parent. Happy reading.

For a small, personal plug- I have started to have a play with and hosting my own courses for both kids and adults. Here is the link to my Outschool offerings for kids and the link to my courses for adults. Feel free if there is something you are interested in that I can offer, I will. Just reach out.

Also I am launching a new Online/Hybrid secondary school part of CTL Academy. Come join the revolution. Learn more here.

Latest Posts

Time for a Change in Grading Practices

Thank you Youki Terada for your recent article in Edutopia sharing the history and why we need to move beyond the 100% grading scale in our teaching practices, especially those in the US. Grading and evaluation varies in different countries and not everywhere do teachers have the autonomy to adopt their own marking system. In…

Self Directed Learning and Taking Risks

The balance between having a school day, after school period and holiday time being fully planned for learners and our own children can at times interfere with their own development in building agency, creativity and taking risks. I came across this article that described the importance of kids having time of their own to get…

Making headspace through the fog…

It is a bit like a rainbow when you achieve headspace. It feels especially nowadays that folks are stuck in their own worlds doing daily tasks and hardly looking up, reaching out or considering alternatives…. Recently in my work with team of teachers from a school that embraces innovative practices and a willingness to try…


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