A Great Valentine from My Kiddo

Today she texts me:

Got to love it when a 12 year old in the wrong grade level is worrying about her progression in the future… (She has been bouncing between the UK and US system, now back in a UK aligned program hence the grade levels are off. In the US she would be in 6th grade, in the UK proper she would be in year 7 but her school doesn’t go lower than year 8 so that is what she is in at the moment.)

As any good parent I used the opportunity to promote some extra math, reading and writing practice daily. We will see how far it goes. For now I will cherish her asking the question.

Happy Valentine’s Day!

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A passionate educator turned world traveler embarking on a nomadic lifestyle with my family. Learning to appreciate a life where we have the privilege of choosing our destiny and embracing it.

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