Global Social Leaders Inspirations Update- see below

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Some of the Great Social Leaders….

My daughter and I will be participating in an upcoming virtual 3 day conference this week through Global Social Leaders.  In anticipation they shared some very inspirational stories from past teams that participated and are making a difference towards global change aligned to the UN Sustainable Goals.  What I love is that they shared these good stories in three different modalities so there is NO EXCUSE not to click into at least one. (Offering choice is a key practice towards empowering learners.)

Personally I prefer reading so I read the blogs and felt moved and curious- how might I make a difference…One of the key common traits that I saw from the blogs is that each of the students had passion for their cause and their approach.  Passion is critical as it does lead to fulfillment. (In part this is why I maintain this website in that I love sharing carrots and good finds related to education and only hope others find them meaningful. I am aware of one teacher that keeps a file of my shares so there is hope others too might find it helpful. 🙂 )

Have a read, listen and/or watch and hopefully get inspired…

“The Global Social Leaders movement is made up of innovative young changemakers all over the world, working together to achieve the United Nation’s Global Goals for Sustainable Development through social action.

GSL Social Action Blogs
Learn about and hear from our passionate young changemakers by reading their blogs here.

The GSL Podcast
This year the GSL Podcast was launched to give our followers the ability to get inspired on a more regular basis. The episodes feature discussions with young people from a diverse range of backgrounds, who each have a unique story to tell.

The podcast is available on all major platforms including Apple Podcasts and Spotify. Click here and happy listening!

YouTube Channel
Our YouTube channel is jam-packed with great content – why not watch a session or two from the GSL Festival @Home. The festival covered many different subject matters (so it depends on what you are interested in!), but they all come together under one main theme – how we build back better for a more sustainable future for all.

Click here to watch. Please subscribe and give the videos a thumbs up if you enjoy!”

If you know of a school interested in joining the competition this year please encourage them to register. Here is the link to the organization.

For more inspiration I uncovered this great collection of 10 social female activists from around the world. Here is the link.

Do share in the comments how YOU are making an impact.

This will inspire others.

UPDATE 14August 22!

As a result of the challenge my daughter created a plan to call to action climate action (#SDG13) across her school’s network of hubs. Brave Generation Academy has hubs all over the world and she figured if she can set climate action challenges and encourage all of them to participate then some greater impact could be achieved.

To do this she created a website and within it is a form for hubs to complete to capture their local achievement. This will allow her to capture data and evidence of mobilizing action. Have a look at what she created and feel free to contribute your impact. (Note that my daughter is 11 years old- imagine what all kids are capable of when we give them a chance!)

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